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DIY Charcuterie Board


-El Quesero Cheddar Cheese block

-El Quesero Mozzarella Cheese block

-El Sembrador Guava Paste

-3 tbsps of water

-your choice of deli meats (i.e. Prosciutto, Salami, etc)

-your choice of fruits & nuts

  1. Cube the blocks of cheese into small cubes using a chef's knife.

  2. Cut guava paste into slices, and place in the blender with 3 tbsps of warm water and blend until pureed.

  3. Place salami into layers onto a champagne fluke. Careful not to overlap salami one on top of the other. Flip the champagne fluke to unveil a rose like shape.

  4. Roll up remaining deli meats.

  5. Slice remaining cheeses.

  6. Place all materials onto a cutting board and enjoy.

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