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Where We Came From


In 1989 a small Cuban family sought to sow seeds of quality, union, and abundance in the hearts of immigrant families in South Florida. What started as a small family owned business has generated $50 Million dollar revenue this past year.


"The best...

                 of the best"

In 2020, sibling partners Jose & Jeannie Oliva founded Oliva International Foods and acquired El Sembrador. Their vision is to continue to provide great quality products while growing the brand & expanding beyond Florida to serve consumers all over the US.

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Oliva International Foods

After starting with Cassava  (Yuca)  El Sembrador experienced exponential growth among Hispanic consumers.

The brand became a household name, and was engrained in the families and homes of many native and immigrant Hispanic homes in Florida. Carrying more ethnic items, soon they were carrying hundreds of favorite Latin foods.

El Sembrador Maracuya Fruit Pulp, 14oz.j

Where We're Headed

Currently, El Sembrador is the market leader in Hispanic Frozen foods as well as one of the largest importers of Yuca and fruit Pulp. As OIF looks to the future, there are plans for new product innovation.

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